World of Warships

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Graphics 9/10
Addictive 10/10
Popularity 10/10
Community 8/10


10 Score

Red-Hot Cannons Booming Over the Oceans!

Back in the day, World of Tanks became a smash hit sensation. Since then, a new era of online gaming has dawned, with World of Warships bringing plenty of firepower to your screen in a sizzling display of realism, massive warships and red-hot cannons The game itself plays out beautifully, with dazzling artistry and intricate detail. Players will be fighting it out against one another on the high seas, from the glaciers of Alaska all the way into the Sea of Japan and beyond. This game is interesting in most every way, since there is very little cover for players to hide behind. Unlike the World of Tanks where rubble, buildings, fortifications and hideouts are easy to come by, on the ocean it’s just your warship against enemy warships, with radar, Central Command and pilots making their rounds. The beauty of battleships is their size and their firepower, but they are slow and cumbersome in comparison to aircraft and tanks. That is why this game requires a strategic mindset, immersion and interactivity among players.

Features of the Game

While you’re playing the game, you will have full control of operations from the aerial perspective. Make no mistake about it: wargames are complicated, but this game simplifies it in such a way that you can manage operations from your keyboard in an effortless way. The strategic elements in the game are pivotal to your success, and with large warships, it can take significant time to rotate guns to face off against enemy combatants. That’s why you need to be ahead of the curve so that you can confront your challenges when they present themselves. Various strategic measures such as flanking become highly effective tools in your arsenal in World of Warships. Some of the ships have multiple barrels that require time to be turned around. You will be required to focus your guns on the targets as carefully as possible, before unleashing hell on your enemy. Your best form of attack presents itself when your enemy is turned to the side so that he presents a much broader target for you to hit. Of course broadside angles from the side of the ship allow you to hit your target much easier, but it makes you more vulnerable.

The Takeaway: An Impressive Foray into the World of Warships

Gaming aficionados have found that one of the best angles for you to position your ship relative to your enemies is 30° – this minimizes your exposure to enemy fire and maximizes your firepower. Varying qualities for graphics are available including sea rendering quality and sky and clouds quality. As many as 60 FPS (frames per second) can be enjoyed on high-quality settings. The sheer number of resources available to you is immense, including battleships, destroyers, carriers and cruisers. There are also repair crews and scout planes for you to make use of. The aircraft carrier serves a unique purpose in the game and they are controlled from an aerial perspective. Examples of warships in the game include the USS Langley, the USS Midway, the USS Lexington, the USS Atlanta, Japanese Yamato and others. The game is available in a free play mode as well as a premium account mode. But if you’re playing at the lowest level for free, you still get to enjoy a plenty of action and possibly 3 or even 4 levels. It’s the history and the artwork that really impresses in this game and for that alone it’s definitely worth playing.

Game Trailer

From Alaska to the South Pacific, the Oceans are the New Battleground!