Wizard 101

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Wizard 101
Graphics 8/10
Addictive 9/10
Popularity 8/10
Community 8/10


8.7 Score

Wizard 101 is 100% pure magic!

It’s not every day that you get experience a terrific MMO game – but Wizard 101 is precisely that. This game is ideally suited to young’uns since it is totally safe for kids in every way. In fact, this is an MMO strategy game that the whole family can enjoy since it was crafted for young and old. This action-packed game was developed by Kingsisle Entertainment and it delivers in a big way. You get to play as one of the wizards in the game, and if any of this sounds familiar – you can thank JK Rowling for that – yes it has elements of Harry Potter in it, but this game really is unique. During the course of the game, you will learn how to conjure up various items or transform them accordingly. Let your wand guide you as you advance through Ravenwood School. The headmaster will happily take you under her wing and teach you everything there is to know about living in the magical world of Wizard City. As soon as you begin the game, you will be introduced to Merle Ambrose – the Headmaster of the Academy.
You can go through the rigmarole of customizing your character, but there are limited options available to you, so it’s not too overwhelming. In total, there are 7 magic schools for you to choose from including the following: Balance, Fire, Death, Myth, Life, Storm and Ice. If you prefer not to be questioned to determine which school you are going to become a part of, you can simply skip that component and choose your school manually. It should be known from the outset that this wizarding game is all about adventure, fun and collecting cool cuddly creatures. As a wizard, you will be fighting menacing bosses in epic battles. Throughout your training sessions, you will learn to cast spells, make loads of friends and defeat wicked monsters along the way. But this game is as much about beauty as it is about beasts – you will be able to decorate your Castle, beautify your garden and grow all sorts of magical creatures. After the day has come and gone and the battles have been won, you’ll have an opportunity to watch your pets frolic around in your Castle for some light-hearted entertainment.
This game is rated 10+ for everyone by the ESRB. This multiplayer adventure game is ideally suited to kids of all ages. It is totally social and allows for maximum levels of interaction and engagement with fellow players. There is a pay-to-play element in the game if you opt for some of the value-added extras. For example, you can purchase an entire month for $9.95 or just $1 per area. Learning to play the game is where the fun is at, because you can do things like adopting a pet, decorating your house, defeating your enemies, making friends, or show your own style. Your playing options include the free to play version of this MMO game which grants you access to the majority of the first world, but you can play with crowns for additional benefits such as advanced pets, changes to clothing, advanced crafting and so forth. The membership option offers you added extras with 40% of player versus player tournament entry fees, message boards, exclusive emoticons and so much more.

Wrapping it Up in a Swish of the Wand!

The game is stylish, fun and easy to play. All of the combat scenes are turn-based, and all of the spells that you cast are dependent on the number of power points you have. As you advance through the game, you collect more spells. Treasure spells act as single use spells only and can easily be purchased at the library. When you go into battles against monsters and other villains, you will have to use your spell resources to get the better of them. The game’s audio-visuals are sublime, with elements of anime interspersed throughout. The monsters are likewise interesting, and despite the occasional repetition they bring plenty of flavor to the game. But the star of the show is the magic wand that you will be carrying and what it is capable of doing. One of the coolest characters in the game is the little Leprechaun and his gold coins. The gameplay is turn-based in Wizard 101 and this RPG thriller certainly ramps up the action from the minute you start casting spells!

Pros of the Game

  • The gameplay is quest driven
  • The battle system is based on a card system.
  • The graphics style and the theme are really unique and make for an exciting session

Cons of the Game

  • If you are looking for unrestricted chat, you won’t find it here because this is children friendly environment and subject to strict terms and conditions
  • The content that you can access for free is rather limited – the best areas are restricted to paying players

The takeaway:

This is a great game for fans of magic and Harry Potter-style wizardry. It’s a fantasy land laden with fun. Definitely worthy of your time and highly entertaining!

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Enjoy a free online wizard game with plenty of adventure!