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Graphics 9/10
Addictive 10/10
Popularity 8/10
Community 9/10


10 Score

WildStar – Planet Nexus Awaits!

WildStar is 100% adrenaline-loaded entertainment from the moment you login. The action takes place on a faraway planet in a distant galaxy known as Nexus. You will be rocketing off into deep space on an unforgettable adventure that truly is an interstellar experience. You will be tasked with picking a side and blazing a trail for glory at any cost. The two factions that you can choose from include the Dominion and the Exiles. The Dominion is comprised of an established group of fighters that have been around for thousands of years. Their iron grip on the Galaxy is complete, and they want to claim the planet Nexus as their very own. They are a dominant force in every way. The other faction you can choose is the Exiles. This ragtag team of fighters is made up of misfits, mercenaries, refugees and pretty much anyone else who can get their hands on a weapon of any sort and is willing to fight for what they want. The stakes are high in this game because the planet Nexus is the epicentre of all the action.

Classes Fit for a Sci-Fi MMO Game

There are several classes of characters that you can choose from including The Warrior (with brute force, a power sword and arm canon); The Spellslinger (with acrobatics, mag pistols and magic skills); the Esper (with terrifying nightmares, psy-Blade, and benevolent illusions); the Engineer (with an exo-suit, launcher and bots); the Stalker (with devices, claws and nano-skin) and finally the Medic (with probes, fields and resonators). These classes of characters – all 6 of them – are incredibly well crafted and the level of detail is second to none. It truly feels as if tremendous effort has been poured into this game to bring it to life with dazzling realism. Once you have selected your characters and your classes, you can check out any of the 4 paths in the game. They provide you with customized content that really dovetails with your preferred style of gaming. The 4 paths you can take include the following:
1. Explorer – this is the most terrifying and dangerous path that you can take because it takes you directly into the unknown world and you will be using all manner of technology and super agility to explore incredible panoramas, sacred relics and secret territory.
2. Scientist – this path is built on knowledge, so you best be working hard to develop your gray matter in the most strategic way. As a scientist with a scanbot, you will be unearthing all of the treasures that planet Nexus has to offer.
3. Soldier – this path is pretty self-explanatory. You will be suited up with the most awesome firepower imaginable. It’s time to kick the tires and light the fires because your soldier path is going to blaze a trail of devastation.
4. Settler – this path is all about grinding away at improving the landscape, your environment and your resources. You will be using all manner of tools to build medical facilities, pubs and even spaceports. As a pioneer, your work is essential to the success of the mission.

Incredible Gameplay – Well Worth the MMO Experience

Once you’ve made your way through the aforementioned aspects of the game, you’ll need to find yourself some housing on the planet Nexus. This is where your game building strategy kicks in. You will be able to customize your home by tailoring it to your preferences. It’s time to get social in this fun-loving aspect of the game, with all your personal souvenirs, mementos and so forth. Now for the part of the game that really resonates with MMO players – the combat scenes. When you engage other players in WildStar, you’re manually aiming at them – it’s not some autoplay functionality aspect of the game it kicks in.
But be advised that your enemies will also be aiming at you so you really have to be on your toes all the time. You’ll be dodging, ducking and diving and sprinting for cover at every opportunity – that’s how tough it is to succeed in WildStar. There are scores of quests in the game as you do battle in this player versus environment contest. Multiple quests, past missions, raids, dungeons, challenges, adventures, expeditions and public events are available to you. If you’re the type of player who enjoys PVP action, you’re in luck, because you can engage in PVP mode in the following ways: Warplots, battlegrounds, duels, arenas and open world. Take note that this game is rated T for teen as it contains mild blood and language, alcohol, suggestive themes, crude humour and plenty of violence. But it’s knockout awesome and it’s free to play!

Get ready for hardcore MMO with WildStar!

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