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Graphics 9/10
Addictive 10/10
Popularity 9/10
Community 9/10


10 Score

Enter the World of TERA & Experience the Wrath of the Underworld

For all those hardcore gamers out there there’s something exciting in our midst and it is known as TERA. This MMORPG game is 100% free to play and it delivers bolus after bolus of adrenaline-loaded action. This fantasy-themed MMO game was expertly crafted by Bluehole Studios and it was published by industry heavyweights in Gameforge and En Masse Entertainment. The minute you step foot into this expansive world, you will be thrust into a danger zone unlike any other. But don’t fret! You are equipped with awesome fighting skills, and a team of combatants ready to lead the charge against beings from another realm. These are menacing forces; their desire for wanton destruction is unparalleled, and it is up to you to stand resolute against their wickedness. You are a fortress of power in a world dominated by quarreling gods and otherworldly forces. Don’t be misled: TERA is an extraordinary game with a true good versus evil theme and unadulterated action from the get-go.

Some of the most enticing aspects of the game are found in the actual gameplay mechanics. This includes things like being able to dodge incoming fire, and enemy attacks, and superior aiming functionality. Many MMO games simply expect you to grind your way through the levels with arbitrary combat gameplay – not this game. It is big on hard-hitting action and you get big rewards for a job well done. Here is one of the things that will make this game exciting for you: If you come under fire, you don’t need to stand around and hope that your defenses will protect you; move around, duck and dive and dodge enemy fire to prevent yourself from falling victim to the menacing forces all around. TERA is a free to play MMO game, but there is a caveat: a paid subscription is also available and it gets you places much quicker.

One of the things you will notice about the game is the level of detail in terms of individual characters. The different classes of characters are easily selectable, and they each feature a unique skill set and purpose in the game. For example, you have a High Elf with incredible powers, rock monsters which are great at protecting the weak and for defensive purposes, etc. Once you’ve made your selections, you get to pick from several different classes once again such as lancer, berserker, slayer etc. some classes of warriors are light armor classes, with others better suited to heavy combat. Other characters include the sorcerer, the archer, the priest, and the mystic. Each class of character has a specific role in the game – healing, attacking, defending, magic etc. Once you pick the character, you will need to customize it according to the constraints, and you can change most every feature of the character including their attire, their hair colour, and other fine details. Other elements that you can personalize include the outfits and the voice of the character. It is important to choose carefully because you could be stuck with a low-pitched voice or a high-pitched voice for the entire duration of your gaming session. When you’ve entered the name of your character and clicked on okay, you’re ready to go.
Once you step foot in TERA you will see why so many players have been complimentary about the game’s graphics. It truly dazzles the senses, regardless of which vantage point you take. As a serious gamer, one of the things that I push to the top of my priority list is the functionality of the game at maximum quality – this one takes the cake because it runs smoothly, clearly and beautifully every time. An interesting thing takes place once you surpass level XI – you get an outlaw skill which allows you to launch attacks on anyone in the game. One of the other things that you will get to enjoy is a mount at level XI. Remember that the game is laden with quests, and it is on these dangerous expeditions that you will forge new friendships, battle monsters and unify TERA against otherworldly forces. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to play this game and why you should seriously consider adding this to your wish list:

  • You have 11 playable classes to choose from in this game, including the following, warrior, gunner, brawler, reaper, archer, mystic, lancer, berserker, priest, sorcerer, slayer and more.
  • This game offers maximum action functionality since you don’t just pick a spot and click on it – this is way more immersive where you actually have to take the time to aim your weapons and position yourself accordingly.
  • 80+ fantasy zones waiting for you in TERA. That’s right! You have carte blanche to pick and choose from literally thousands of quests and adventures in this realm. Consider that you have 600+ menacing monsters across the fantasy zones, 7 races to contend with and scores of character classes.
  • A bustling community of players awaits you in this game, and that’s a great motivator to immerse yourself in TERA. More good news is that there are no factions so you have to really get to know one another and get along despite your differences.
  • · Sublime audiovisuals are a hallmark of the gaming experience at TERA. But don’t take my word for it – give this game a go for yourself and you will see exactly what great artistry and crackling sound is all about. By the way, Unreal Engine 3 is responsible for the cinematic landscape.

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    Forget the grinding; experience Tera and watch your game come alive!