Star Trek: Alien Domain

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Graphics 9/10
Addictive 10/10
Popularity 9/10
Community 8/10


Score 9

Larger than Life and Eerily Familiar

One of the hottest new, browser-based MMO games is Star Trek: Alien Domain. This rollicking adventure takes players on a journey into deep space, home of the Star Trek universe. This game is set at a time many years after Voyager events took place. Players assume the role of either a Klingon Captain or a Federation Captain who is trapped in uncharted territory in deep space. Myriad threats abound, including all manner of aggressive aliens, fearsome creatures including the legendary Species 8472. As ominous forces approach, a war of monumental proportions is about to explode.

Single Player or PvP Action

This game can be enjoyed direct off your browser, or you can play it directly off Facebook. Since the game utilizes strategy to deliver advantage to players, there are many opportunities to interact with fellow players throughout. There are ways to unite against your enemies with your Star Trek fleets, form colonies, and build alliances within the Federation. This game can also be enjoyed to the max in a single player format with examples being Boss Fights and Elite Mode. Other forms of combat include PvP mode where awesome fight sequences are available.

GameSamba Delivers a KO Performance

Star Trek: Alien Domain is presently in beta mode. The good news for players is that additional new content is added on a monthly basis. You can play Star Trek: Alien Domain at GameSamba. This interstellar adventure combines the best of the Star Trek universe with cutting-edge technology in a browser-based MMO game. Themed off the J.J. Abrams epic films and books, this online strategy game is a big step up from the previous game Star Trek: The Game. In fact, it is a world apart from that rather lackluster rendition of this universally popular franchise. With GameSamba at the helm, the head-to-head combat scenes in the game are spectacular.

The Takeaway: Game Delivers Big on Nostalgia and Excitement

The game launched on the 1st December 2015, and the user-friendly interface is definitely a crowd pleaser. But it should be remembered that this game is all about exploration – that’s what the Star Trek brand really exemplifies. It’s not about fighting and conquering enemies; it’s about exploring new worlds and forging alliances. The one thing you definitely get to be a part of in this game, and all other Star Trek variants, is a loyal fan base. You become part of the global Trekkie family of fans and that’s definitely a major reason to get excited about this latest outer space adventure. For a taste of something new, with a name that’s seemingly as old as time itself Star Trek: Alien Domain offers players an opportunity to explore an adventure-laden paradise with plenty of pomp and flair!

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Adventure into galaxies far away!