Soldiers Inc.

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Soldiers Inc.
Graphics 8/10
Addictive 8/10
Popularity 7/10
Community 7/10


8.7 Score

Soldiers Inc. – In the Trenches!

Soldiers Inc. by Plarium is a world-class strategy game that runs directly off your browser. You don’t need to download any gaming software to get started; you simply log into Facebook and you’re good to go. There are several elements that distinguish this game from others on Facebook, notably the time, effort and energy that has been poured into the musical score, the artistic backdrops, the storyline and the character development. During resource collection, and while building structures, it is the musical score that really resonates with players. Of course it all makes sense when you consider that the legendary Jesper Kyd is behind the musical score. He was the composer on Darksider 2 and Assassin’s Creed. In terms of basic MMO strategy games, this one is definitely a cut above the rest and there are many reasons why players are flocking to enjoy this particular MMO action-adventure game.

Enter the Republic of Zandia in 2019

The game is set in a futuristic African milieu in the year 2019. The country that everything takes place in – the fictional Republic of Zandia is bustling with activity. The storyline is framed by scores of corporate armies from countries everywhere. All these mercenaries are fighting it out for precious resources from the Savanna. During the course of the game, you will encounter a character by the name of Mr. John Black. He is your expert guide during all the tutorials. This lends itself to the next plus point in the game; Mr John Black is voiced by a voice actor with such distinction that it lends a definite edge to the game. There is plenty of immersion and interactive appeal in this rollicking MMO game. While it is free to play, there is a pay-to-play element making it possible to expedite things.
Of course, you will be required to go through the motions at times, which means you will be building all sorts of bases, accumulating all manner of resources and training your military to do what it is that needs to be done. During the course of your gameplay, you will be involved in player versus player battles, with the action taking place automatically. Soldiers must be gathered and a strike force must be assembled to dominate the entire scene. Throughout the course of Soldiers Inc, you will train your troops, build alliances and create a combine. This is how you will empower yourself by controlling the mines and other regions in your pursuit of total control in the land of Zandia.

Boost Your Stats and Get Your Game On

You will develop your skills and abilities along the way, and you have the option to spend money to ramp up your statistics. You can interact with other players and form alliances to ease the workload or to speed things up. The battles are abstract, but you will need to get your stats up to the right level to be ahead of the game. The user interface is friendly and enticing, and the backdrop presents opportunities for you to feel the grit and squalor of the drab setting. Make no mistake about it – the audio is surreal and the game is superbly well crafted.
Thanks to Plarium, you get to experience the very best of free-play MMO gaming with this world-class adventure. It compares favorably with other Plarium titles and has a large and growing base of fans. You begin the game as a commander in your base and The Syndicate is the company that you work for. Mr John Black is your representative at the Syndicate. While the game is in play, you will come up against enemy commanders and you will be tasked with defending against them or attacking them. It’s time to lock and load with Soldiers Inc!

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Get ready for Action with Soldiers Inc!