Rail Nation

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Graphics 9/10
Addictive  6/10
Popularity  8/10
Community  8/10


8.7 Score

Fascinating detail in a top-tier MMO train strategy game for free!

Top Features:

  • Freemium gameplay
  • Competitive and rewarding MMO gaming
  • Highly detailed features with strong strategic focus
  • Historically accurate locomotives plus futuristic train models

rail nationLay the Tracks for the Rail Nation MMO Strategy Game

Rail Nation takes everyone’s fascination with trains, railways and the incredible appeal of locomotives and transforms it into a modern MMO game. Best of all, this game is available to you in a free-play mode direct off your browser. Countless millions have been enthralled by the glittering appeal of trains throughout history. Whether you are a fan of train-style board games, train TV shows, or even train computer games – Rail Nation will take you on a high-speed journey through an MMO strategy game like never before. Not only is this game 100% free to play, it also runs directly off your browser with no download needed. You begin with your own railway company, and during the course of the game you will manage all transportation-related activity, and team up with other players in pursuit of the ultimate glory.

Everything takes place in real time. This includes all supply/demand related to resources and deliveries. You’ll be able to upgrade buildings, structures and invest in new locomotives. Since this is a strategy-based game, you will be required to conduct research into different types of trains and engine capacities. Rail Nation requires you to manage your train station’s infrastructure; to form associations and pick the right workers to get the job is done. There are thousands upon thousands of players signed up with Rail Nation. Your goal is to strategize in such a way that you become a tycoon in the game. As you increase your revenue stream, you will be able to work towards acquiring 36 different types of trains, 48 kinds of wagons and 48 types of goods that can be transported.

Just like Poker on Wheels!

This online strategy game has been likened to poker: Easy to learn but tough to master. Fortunately, players will have no trouble getting started in Rail Nation. If you’re looking at timeframes, expect to complete a round of the game within four months. There are six railway periods as well as an endgame. You will then compete against fellow players with your own railway companies. This freemium game also allows you to buy in to expedite the process for a few bucks a month, including things like upgrading engine efficiency and the like. By far the best component of this game is its community-style gaming milieu. You can interact with fellow players by share your feedback on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and the Rail Nation Blog.