Top Reasons Why Not to Share Your Account Details

Category: Games Tips

Don't share your account

These are the reasons you should limit access to your online gaming account!

Consider for a moment what it means to share your account with other people. For starters, they will have access to your personal information, your characters and other content such as chat sessions and so forth. Do you really want to allow somebody across the country, perhaps even in a different country to access this type of information? Remember that many MMO games require you to input your address, banking information, telephone number and so forth – this is personal data and should ideally be safeguarded from people you don’t know, and even from those you do.

In the same household, it doesn’t really matter that much since many parents give access to their kids on the same accounts. This is a way of ensuring equal playing time among everyone. I cannot stress again how bad an idea it is to share account details with somebody far away from you. This is especially important when you give a third-party access to your information for them to Power Level you because what will happen is that they will strip your account before you get it back.

You have absolutely no recourse in this situation because if you went to the gaming company and told them that this had happened to you, you would find it difficult to explain why you were power levellng your account in the first place. Believe it or not this is against the rules. So to close out this topic, I wall repeat one more time: never give out your personal account information to anyone other than those within your own household if you so desire. To ensure that everybody gets equal playing time, use a stopwatch or use an egg timer – but don’t give out your gaming information to strangers.