Legends of Honor

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Graphics 10/10
Addictive  8/10
Popularity  7/10
Community  8/10


7-7 score

Only the Strong will Survive in Legends of Honor!

Top Features:

  • Terrain bonuses
  • Ambush abilities
  • Alliance building
  • Quick-fire combat
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Browser-based gaming
  • 3 unique feuding Groups

Emerge Victorious and Claim the Spoils of Victory

legends-of-honorLegends of Honor is first and foremost an engaging MMO strategy game. It pits 3 feuding groups against one another in a battle for survival. There is no place for the weak in this ruthless world and it is up to you to stand your ground and defend your castle from forces seeking your destruction. Fortunately, this MMO browser-based strategy game is played at lightning pace and the game delights fans the world over. Not everything is about blood and iron; there is a definite advantage to taking a strategic position in matters of diplomacy. Forge alliances and build lasting friendships to ensure the survival of your group in this fiercely competitive medieval time.

Strategic gameplay will mean the world of difference between victory and defeat – it’s touch and go. You are the lord of your castle in Legends of Honor and you must recruit and train soldiers, fortify your buildings and guard against the ruthless advance of marauding enemies. Your defensive capabilities must be rock-solid and your offensive abilities must be incisive. As you advance through the game, you will be able to deploy quick-fire tactics, strategic gameplay and natural movement throughout. Battle planning is an intractable component of the game and there are scores of attack bonuses available to you. The PvP combat scenes are incredible and it is this brutal, medieval landscape that needs your steady hand.

PvP Warfare Gaming with Legends of Honor

One word describes the action in this browser-based strategy game: intense. The PvP battle planning is just as important as empire building. Naturally, diplomacy is one of the most useful skills to have and it is up to you to carefully balance your penchant for war and your wordsmithing abilities. A global player base of heroes competes for glory in this masterful MMORPG game. Full customization of your castle is possible and it all takes place against a medieval backdrop. More importantly, players will feel completely immersed in this game – a highly-developed social community provides for a huge player base at all hours.