League of Angels

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League of Angels
Graphics 9/10
Addictive 10/10
Popularity 8/10
Community 8/10


10 Score

Good vs. Evil in a Battle Royale for Dominance

League of Angels was developed and published by R2Games. This fantasy-laden adventure is an epic MMORPG game that runs directly off your browser with no download required. The best features of the game include the magnificent Angels, the surreal backdrops and the incredible variety of mounts that you can choose from. The action flies thick and fast with League of Angels and there is tremendous rivalry between the forces of light and darkness. Your goal of course is to save the majestic Angels from a horrid fate.
The game itself requires players to seek out resources and gold. It is a turn-based MMO strategy game and your objective is to strengthen your character (your hero) against your enemies. Your mission is almost divine in nature, not to invoke anything biblical – but you get the feeling throughout the game that you are on an almost godly mission of epic proportions. You can boost your resources (your equipment) by completing various tasks and missions and attending special events. The good thing about the game is that you can play as both genders, in Mage and Warrior classes, among others. There are essentially two models of play including Caster and Tank.
Your battle sequences take place by way of party positioning and hero positioning and you use strategy to plan attacks for massive victories. There are opportunities for you to engage in cross server wargames, with player versus player battle scenes and tons of resources available from points across the map. The interactive elements in the game are pretty immersive because you will have to band together with fellow players to combat your opponents. The monsters that you will go up against are pretty scary and you will be tasked with defeating them so that you can free the powerful angels that are trapped in the dungeons. Your task is to free them from the darkness so that their light can liberate the lands from the iniquitous presence that has befallen it.

Pros of the Game

  • The artistic backdrops are amazing
  • 3 classes including Archer, Warrior and Mage
  • The game features mini-games that are built into it
  • League of Angels is packed with mounts for players
  • AFK playing system that essentially plays the game for you
  • There is a tremendous volume of content for you to work with in the game
  • There are plenty of opportunities for upgrading your characters, resources and skills
  • Cons of the Game

  • The bot that plays for you takes a lot of the fun away from you in a sense
  • The game is very money oriented, and players can buy their way to higher levels much quicker than they can advance by playing the game honestly
  • The interface appears to be highly cluttered and your levelling abilities slow down dramatically once you get to level 30
  • The Takeaway

    League of Angels is great if you enjoy apocalyptic-style games where the forces of good must defeat the forces of evil for peace and prosperity to reign supreme. The artistry in the game is sublime and the battle scenes are pretty impressive. The MMO aspects and immersive gameplay make for a compelling argument to try this free-play action adventure. It can get a bit tedious at times, but many games with multiple levels can become a grind. All in all though, League of Angels scores handsomely with players around the world.

    Game Trailer

    Fantasy-themed entertainment par excellence!