League of Angels II

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Graphics 9/10
Addictive 10/10
Popularity 9/10
Community 9/10


10 Score

What’s the Buzz with LoA II?

When the original League of Angels came out, it rapidly became a global sensation. Powered by GTArcade, LoA literally took the world by storm. The original game in the franchise is now enjoyed in 150+ countries and has been credited with award after award over the years. For example, League of Angels – Fire Raiders won critical acclaim and was named Best Mobile RPG of 2015. Also in 2015, League of Angels was named MMOsite’s Best Browser Game. If we backtrack a little, League of Angels also received the prestigious honor of Facebook’s Best New Game for 2014. All of this sets a pretty high standard when it comes to any game sequels released by GTArcade. Development of League of Angels II was two years in the making. What’s extraordinary about this MMORPG game is the manner in which it pushes the limits of gaming excellence. It is a remarkable Next Gen browser game, and the audio-visuals, level of detail, extraordinary storyline and free to play nature are its best attributes. The game’s primary audience remains North America, with the US and Canada topping the charts. Various regional launches of this action-packed adventure are scheduled for release around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the game stats and evaluate how it measures up against others in the industry:

• League of Angels II is a player versus player game (PVP)
• The game was released on 7 April 2016 and is already a massive hit
• It is 100% free to play and runs directly of your browser, but there are pay-to-play elements as you advance through the game

Cranking it up with League of Angels II

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of League of Angels II, because this game is truly pretty awesome. At its heart, League of Angels is a game of strategy where you are tasked with collecting angels, and battling it out for dominance. While the game is technically regarded as an MMO game, you can simply hit the ground running on your own, with this browser-based strategy game. If you recall from the predecessor of this game, it was highly sensual, highly provocative and massively advertised. That laid the platform for the present game which is by all accounts a far superior version. Take note that many of the competitors in the game are autoplay competitors in the sense that you don’t need to actively engage in combat scenes to progress through the game and its various levels. However, it is entirely possible for you to purchase items such as weapons and supplies to assist you throughout your quests. The in-game shop is fully stocked up with all manner of resources so it’s definitely worth checking out. The majority of the characters available to you in League of Angels II are females, although there is the odd male hero there that you can add to your party.

Of course, that’s the big appeal of League of Angels the franchise – the stunning females that are the game’s heroines. You can strategize in a way that best fits your playing style by placing your characters in different positions when you start up. Mixing and matching of characters and archetypes is entirely possible, and there is a degree of customization available to you in this game. All manner of strategic and tactical gameplay becomes evident as you progress through the game, and the level of detail is second to none. Take note that characters only have 1 ability in the game, and this ability can be depleted at times so you will have to wait for it to build up again. Things like legendary weapons and exclusive mounts are available to you and your first recharge in the game will give you a terrific gift.

Is LoA II all about Hot Bods?

The game starts out in a rather simple fashion; the mechanics are easy to understand, but the strategy component works its way into the game as you level up and face-off against the bosses. Then you will need to have all your wits about you. Here’s the thing about League of Angels II; the game is incentivized in the sense that it wants you to spend money in order for you to advance through the game and to win. The amazing mechanics that are advertised in the game are largely unavailable to you if you don’t spend real money acquiring them and working your way to higher levels in the game. The most obvious aspect of this game is the over-sexualization of women. It’s all about the female physique and this is clearly one of the aspects that led to its explosive popularity in 150+ countries around the world. Artistically, it’s great and the game certainly warrants kudos for the manner in which it blends various backdrops, storylines and characters together. An aspect of the game that many players in North America particularly are not entirely comfortable with is the random number generator component – the gambling style aspect of the game.

Autoplay with Elements of Player Mechanics Involved

While you’re playing the game, the levels are not tedious at all, and leveling up is not entirely a grind. The game is primarily geared towards web-based browsers and is not suited to mobile gaming. Players with capped Internet will find this game rather dull and unenjoyable because you won’t get to see and experience all of the features that it has to offer. There are experienced MMO players who believe that League of Angels II is simply an attempt to hook all the whales out there – the players who are willing to go and spend a whole bunch of cash to collect as many of these stunningly gorgeous female angels. But of course, there is so much more to it than that; it is a terrific introductory game to the genre for players who have never experienced the original LoA and it certainly pushes the free games appeal to the limits, but the pay to play nature of the game eventually kicks in. On the plus side, the game is not simply autoplay all the way – there are mechanics involved where you can customize the nature of your gaming. This takes the form of player formations and selections vis-à-vis the skills and resources that each player comes with. But overall, your ability to pick characters with unique abilities will be limited because you will need to pay to select them.

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League of Angels II tests the limits like never before!