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Graphics 8/10
Addictive 7/10
Popularity 8/10
Community 8/10


8.7 Score

Elvenar by InnoGames: Full Review

Fans of city building strategy games will be delighted with Elvenar, by InnoGames. This browser-based game allows you to build a fortified village. You have the option of selecting from two classes of players – either Elves or Humans. As you might expect, your character must use all available resources and connections to construct a thriving settlement for fellow players. But more importantly, you must train soldiers to guard your community against attack by fellow players. The turn-based fight scenes are impressive and the city building element is all pervasive. Since the action is free-to-play, there is no need to download gaming software to get started.

Best Features of the Game:

  • Elvenar is a free-to-play MMO game
  • The combat is turn-based and intense
  • It can be enjoyed directly off your browser
  • Players can select from 2 groups: Humans or Elves
  • You will work with real players and trade with them too
  • You must build a thriving village to accommodate your community
  • Build an army to defend your community and defeat enemy combatants
  • You have the ability to train scores of combat units with unique skillsets

Your main objective is to build a city and acquire the resources to sustain it. The larger your village and the more prosperous it is, the higher you will rank in the game. The hands-on approach to combat is a welcome diversion from other games where everything is automated. It’s nice to be able to actually get in the fight scenes and cause some damage. You have direct control over your units during the game and you can choose where they move to and what strategies to employ to defeat them. You start off with an open piece of land.

There you must build a settlement for your people. It takes time to get the lodgings all set up – anywhere from a couple of seconds to several hours or more. Next up, you must build an army from 5 unique units. These will be unlocked at different stages throughout the game. They all have their own styles of combat. Your opponents in the game are Artificial Intelligence players – there is no PvP combat.

Knowledge is power in this game. As you advance and gain experience, so you unlock plenty of new features and elements. All sorts of technology is available and you must pick and choose wisely. KPs – Knowledge Points – are yours to enjoy, so use them for max benefit. There is plenty of exploration to be done in the game and you can start off by paying gold pieces to get scouts to scope things out. All sorts of relics are available and you can use diplomacy or war to get your hands on them.

The Takeaway: The Merits of Elvenar

Player reviews on this game are not quite as favorable as one might expect as they cite the lack of interactivity with other players. However, the in-game graphics and audio are above par and the game plays out well. There are many nifty features such as selection of military units and their unique skills. Overall, the game wins points because it’s a free-to-play MMO game and does not require a download. The turn-based combat is a big plus and this definitely beats the automated fight sessions of similar games!

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Enjoy free-play, online strategy gaming!