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Graphics 8/10
Addictive 8/10
Popularity 8/10
Community 9/10


8.7 Score

Elsword Will Leave You Feeling Punch-Drunk and Happy!

Everybody in the MMO world loves a good punch up every now and then, and Elsword is one such game that will satiate your appetite. It is an exciting 2.5D brawler-style game packed with butt-kicking action. It comes at you fast and furious, with sliding-screen style gameplay that is easy on the eye and reminiscent of the 90s style videogames like Contra and Mario Bros and Sonic etc. KOG Games is the publisher of this exciting gaming title, and the game itself has a medium-sized player base. In total, there are 50+ exciting dungeons for you to rummage through, and the number of classes of characters that you can play is incredible.
Make no mistake about it – this game is adventure-laden to the max. The ground and pound-style action hits hard from the moment you login, and you can basically demolish everyone who gets in your way. During the course of the game, you will get to explore incredible dungeons as you put your fighting skills to the test against friend and foe alike. The best way to describe this MMORPG game is perhaps fantasy brawling at its very best. The game was published by multiple companies all over the world, including NHN Japan, Asiasoft, Level up! Games, Nexon, Gamania, Gameforge and scores of others. But for the US and Canada, as well as the European Union, you got KOG Games leading the charge for North America, and Gameforge for the European Union.

So what’s it all about?

In a word – fun! Elsword is similar in style and play to Grand Chase. The difference between the two games is that the former is superior in terms of audio-visuals, and animation. Granted, the games are closely connected to one another, but the immersive elements of Elsword are off the charts. If you’re a fan of anime you’ll be doing your nut for this game. The characters are expertly crafted, with shading, expressions and top-tier visualizations. It all takes place in a land known as Elrios which is powered by the magical gemstone – El Stone. Once this gem goes missing, the land is thrown into utter chaos, and it is left up to the hero – the inimitable Elsword and his buddies to go and retrieve this powerful gemstone. That’s the background on the fantasy-style elements of this game, but having said that there is very little customization than is possible with the characters themselves. There are a few different types of clothing that you can change your character into, otherwise it’s pretty static.
There are several classes in the game including the following: Eve, Aisha, Chung, Add, Elesis, Ara Haan and Elsword. You can pick and choose as you please. Character control is easily done by way of arrow keys and various letters on the keyboard. This is as basic as it gets in terms of functionality of gameplay, but it’s the action that is really enthralling. A nice thing about Elsword is that you have skill-based play throughout. As you advance to higher levels, so you will unleash improved skills. Once you hit level XV you will begin class advancement. You’ll have 3 selections available to you, but you must complete certain quests in order to advance. These are achieved in the dungeons. Once you hit level XXXV, you can undergo a 2nd class progression – but this time around there is no choice between the classes that are available. No doubt you curious about the bosses and the dungeons that you’re about to explore… these are awesome! Within each dungeon are 3 levels of difficulty and you can bang ‘em up with your buddies or in solo-style play. This is the aspect of the game that really shines brightest – the action!
Once you have beaten enemy combatants in the dungeons and completed quests, you will be rewarded for your performance. There’s lots of loot to be had. When you hit the raid bosses, you will need at least 12 players to complete this component of the game. In terms of player versus player action, you have arena and sparring options to choose from. The latter is practice-style gameplay, while the arena-style action has various rankings for you. This will determine how much you will be rewarded from beating down your opponents. The Monster Card System is a terrific additional feature that you can use – these are dropped by the monsters that are defeated. As you collect these cards, you will have access to those monsters who will fight beside you in the dungeons. That’s a pretty neat added extra element to enjoy.

The takeaway:

Elsword is really an incredible MMO RPG game. It may be simplistic at times, but the action is kick-ass and the beat downs that you get to enjoy are amazing. The dungeons and raid bosses make this game highly enticing and the reward system is equally terrific. There are several aspects of the game that make it really cool including the music, the anime style rolling screens, the 2.5D animation and its overall classic gameplay. More specifically here are the pros and cons of the game:

Pros of the Game

  • Super combat
  • Terrific musical score
  • User-friendly interface with lots of character classes, dungeons and raid bosses

Cons of the Game

  • Watch your bankroll – there are plenty of pay to play elements

Game Trailer

Get ready to rock and rumble in this action-packed MMO game!