Astro Empires

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Astro Empires
Graphics 9/10
Addictive 8/10
Popularity 8/10
Community 8/10


8.7 Score

Introducing Astro Empires Space Strategy Game

In the realm of outer space adventure games, Astro Empires has done a decent job of bringing exciting sci-fi gaming to the screen in a free to play format. All of the action unfolds in a real-time universe, and players are tasked with forming alliances, battling powerful enemies, conducting research on innovative new technologies, trading with fellow players and creating high-tech places for your military. To date, there are almost 2M registered players with Astro Empires. It is essentially a text-heavy strategy game, with massive multiplayer online gaming functionality. Since it runs off your browser, you don’t need to download any software to get started. The game is similar in many respects to OGame, but this one features far superior animation and a universe that is a lot more immersive.

Drop Anchor on a Faraway Planet & Get Moving

The action kicks off on a distant planet. You will have to colonize this new planet and claim it as your own by growing plants and generating other resources that are necessary to succeed in the daily grind. Your resource production aspects will include aspects like energy, population and area. While the game is in progress, you will continually be scouring the cosmos in search of novel technologies, high-grade military structures, fleet building activities and the like. As soon as your fleet is up and running, you will be able to colonize a second planet. Then your fighting skills will be put to the test as you go into epic battles with other players. It’s a great idea to team up with a well-established guild – that way you will have their collective experience to draw on to succeed in your quests. Established players know the ins and outs of the game well, and many of them are long-standing members of the guilds with the requisite knowledge of defensive and offensive capabilities to advance in the game.

Highly Interactive Gameplay with Diplomacy and Duels Alike

The game features deal making, deal breaking, diplomacy and warfare all in one. It is definitely a quality player versus player game, and there’s loads of interaction with other players and the game itself to make it a worthwhile investment of your time. Some of the characteristics of the game include a terrific selection of ships and buildings to choose from, guilds that are populated by veterans of the game, and the text-based nature of the game makes it accessible to players across all makes of mobile smartphones, tablets and phablets. This MMO game has a terrific intro of advancing spaceships and high-powered sci-fi entertainment. This massively multiplayer online game may be a little slower to play, being that it is one of the first MMO games on the market, but it is certainly a classic for its time. Released in May of 2006, it has done fairly well to pick up almost 2M players, but it is a little slow and requires patience and grinding to get to the top.

Pros of the Game

  • Free to Play MMO Strategy Game
  • PVP-style gaming and plenty of interaction
  • Approximately 2M players already signed up
  • Loads of variety for ships, structures, guilds and gameplay

Cons of the Game

  • The game is 10 years old, and is currently only on version 2
  • Be prepared for substantial grinding in Astro empires – it is pretty slow
  • While the registered player base is high, the number of active users is only 40,000

The takeaway:

Overall, Astro Empires is a great game to try, even if you don’t drop anchor for a long time. It is one of the first sci-fi MMO games that was released, and it has a loyal albeit small number of devout players. It takes time to advance through the levels to build alliances and colonize planets, but it scores well in most ways. Give it a bash if you’re into sci-fi adventure, because there’s lots of cool retro intergalactic audio-visuals in this game!

Game Trailer

The universe awaits with Astro Empires version 2!